Our developments

«The Radio Shuttle» High Density Storage System - is a robotic loader that distributes pallets to a rack with comprehensive storage function. The shuttle is controlled by an operator using the control panel.

Following this procedure you can fill up the warehouse with cargo as much as possible and keep it safe choosing FIFO or LIFO systems, which both are available. While any radio shuttle is implementing its function, the operator can control others: a person can operate all the loader carts with a single control panel in his hands. This is an excellent solution for refrigerated warehouses (e.g., poultry, fish, meat storage areas), for warehouses of online stores and marketplaces. Our radioshuttles were ordered for storing bulk materials - food (cereals, animal feed, sugar, flour, tobacco), non-food (soil, fertilizers, polymer bulks), building materials (expanded clay), also Medved’s shuttle "Sputnik M" already successfully works inside the storages with such goods as dairy products, ice cream, fish, seafood, snacks, ets.

The idea is not a brand-new. Several countries already produce RC shuttles for warehouses, however, our development ‘Sputnik M’ has some advantages. It is equipped with additional sensors, our shuttle is easier to maintain and its cost is lower than the rivals’ ones The department of automation will tell you more about the benefits for Your business.

«Sputnik M Radio Shuttle» with carrier platform «M Systems». The pallet shuttle moves horizontally only, the carrier platform moves it vertically, in addition, the platform replaces forklift driver's job. The comprehensive storage platform such as a radio shuttle accepts commands from the remote-control device with a lithium battery. All shuttles of this warehouse complex are controlled by the same control panel. Nowadays, the Radio shuttle system with it's elevating platform is the most modern organization of cargo storage. These tools allows you essentially to reduce warehouse staff and minimize to zero the number of accidents with a forklift inside the rack channel. The entire kit consists of one or more pallet carts, their elevating platform and, finally, specialized racks executing comprehensive storage function.

Cargo trolley for loading container is a machine built for loading and unloading long-size cargo into 20 and 40 ft containers. This automatic warehouse trolley for moving cargo helps to warehouse ports and airports logistics. The trolley reduces the risk of accidents and allows you to significantly save on staff costs.

The loading and unloading kit (Automatic Container Loader System) allows to fill containers with long-size and heavy cargo (large-tonnage) without removing package (container) from a lorry. So it's no need in using powerful elevating equipment. In fact, such cargo trolley is a scaled down, maneuverable analogue of a transport tape, but its applicable for filling up the containers and can be operated via remote control.

Metal decking and floorboards. Lightweight steel construction that can be used in low temperature conditions. Applying these floorboards as good in meat and poultry factories as in oil industry and ports.

The decks are easy to attach, while the steel is corrosion resistant and lightweight. They are popular for wide range of applications: decking in mezzanine rack, stair steps, decking for sea and river platforms, gratings next to the workshops for dust and dirt protection, storm grates for drainage, scaffold for building and restoration work and more.

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